Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Journey to Blacktown

After we (I, Mr Wayan, Ms Enny and Mrs Rulli) passed the horrible e-test, we decided to take a lil vacancy. And Ms Enny suggested to go to Featherdale WIldlife Park in Blacktown suburb. Actually we asked some friends to join with, such as Ali a.k.a Donny a.k.a Ikanbakar a.k.a retrospectext (peace bro.... hehehehe), Mrs Yanti, Mr & Mrs Yorry (Ms Enny's friends), and Mr Rashad (my friend). But on Sunday, they cancelled it because they had their own activities.

Mr Ali had friend from Brisbane so he had to pick her to anywhere,
Mrs Yanti's kid was sick,
Mrs Yorry was lil bit cruck,
and Mr Rashad was sleeping (i guess...hehehe)

We planned to go there by train, but when we were at Central train station because there was railway maintenance, we should buy train fare for bus travelling. It costed about AUD 6.8 for return tickect. The bus departed from Central at 10. It took about 50 minutes to catch that place. There were nothing special when we were on the bus. The journey was good... very convenience, the highway was very smooth and the bus was completed with AC.

We arrived at Blacktown bus station at about 11 am, but because it was our first time to go there... we had lil bit difficulty to find the right place to wait the next bus that would bring us to the park. On weekend, bus will leave station every one hour (on weekday every 30 minutes), and when we came to bus station... the bus 725 that would bring us to the Park just departed. What a pitty... hahahaha

After we waited about 1 hours, finally the bus brought us to the Park. We should pay AUD 1.70 for single fare. It took about 10-15 to catch that place. Do not worry if you do not know the place...because almost every people who took the bus had same aim... FEATHERDALE WILDLIFE PARK. So.. all you get to do just following them... So simple ha? hehehee

We should pay about AUD 15.- for enterance fee. Actually the original price for adults is AUD 19.-, but because we have discount card that we got from train station's booklet, we got reduction. We just spent about 2-3 hours in the Park thus we decided to return to city (sydney). Unfortunately we should wait another 1 hour for the next bus.

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