Monday, February 19, 2007

Love will never so beautiful

Love will never so beautiful without friendship
A great lover is a great friend
Like causes and effects processes
And the processes are irreversible

If you love someone
Do not ever expect someone will love you like you love him/her in similarity
One will give more, other will feel less
One is looking for and others will wait

Do not ever feel afraid to fall in love
Just because it might raise pain and suffering and hurt you,
But if you lie to your heart
Finally you will cry… because it is more suffering
Because at that time you realize that you never give

Love is like a way..
Love is not only feeling but a commitment
Feeling comes and goes easily
Love is not always happy ending because love should not be ending
Real love will hear hiding words and understand what unexplained sentences
Because love does not come from lips or mind…
But love comes from heart

How you will say god bye to someone whom you never have
Why do tears fall for someone whom you never have?
Why do I miss someone whom I never spend my time with?
And why I should love someone who never loves me?

It is difficult for 2 peoples who love each others to live separately
But when the separation becomes unity
It is sought as miracle

Courtessy of Aya's blog

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