Sunday, September 16, 2007

Me and my (upcoming) mobile

I have got this from brother Wahyu. He said it was a homework for me. Thank you bro... you are my other lecturer who is giving me assignment.
1. Originally, i am a country man, far away from big city. Do you know Amuntai in South Kalimantan Indonesia? It was my hometown.
2. Now getting realise... that medicine is getting away from me since i have decided to study abroad in Sydney.
3. I am freaky man on gray color, especially in strip mode.
4. I am trying to finish "Prison Break" tv series.
5. For me, blogging is a method to stay away from stress.
6. Shannon Noll and Josh Groban are my favorite singers.
7. "What about me" and "To be loved" are my favorite songs.
8. I am dreaming of coming back to Indonesia as soon as possible.


1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

Now, i want to pass this homework to Nilla, Nieke, Ale, Mina, Quintino, Raida, Aya and Tari.

Note: photo was taken from here.


And here is another homework from Wahyu (again..heheheh)

1. Brand name of mobile: SE Z550i ( i have broken my previous cell which is SE K310... and i can not buy my dreaming of cell cause i do not have enough budget... hiks!!... anyone has generous heart and buy one for me?SE K220i or SE K800i). For your information: colour should be black or gray. If you think it is not good for me, you can buy me another mobile which has this spesification: candy bar shape, black or gray or silver, camera and video recorder with high resolution and high mega pixel, net connection, beautiful number, and unlimited monthly fee. I am waiting here.... I am serious... i have never been this serious... OK?

2. 3G facility: i have no idea... you can check it from this web..

3. Wallpaper: abstract..look alike waves.... come with this mobile

4. #: +614102360** ( do not give me missed call... because i have already missed you.... hehehehe)

5. Last text: form Mina about book fest... sorry Mina... i can not find what you want...

6. Specification: look at number 2

7. On/of: mostly ON or set on vibration when i am bussy or having class

8. Where i put my mobile: left pocket or on small desk

9. Battery: it is still ok until 3 days.

10. Notes: my bank account number and its passwords. So if you want to robber me.... then it is very clever idea to make me poor....

Notes: mobile'pic was taken from here.


w@hyu said...

waduh, maaf ya Mas kalo ternyata PR-ku membuat assignment-nya Mas Bakhri jadi tambah menumpuk :D
tapi hebat euy PR-nya cepet banget diselesaiin..

Amuntai? belum pernah ke sana sih, tapi sempat baca tentang Amuntai di blognya bunda ofa.. kalo mau baca juga main aja ke :)

btw aku jadi suka lagunya Shannon Noll gara2 Mas Bakhri yg promosiin dia waktu itu:D

oh ya, kalo nanti 'dream' pulang ke Indo bener2 kesampaian jangan lupa kasih kabar ya Mas.. siapa tau bisa kopdar :)

- Nilla - said...

Hehehe... namaku ada di nomer 1 lg... :"> Tau aja neh Mas Bakhri aku suka jd yg pertama! Hqhqhq... xD
Btw, a country man, toh aslinya? xP Owww...
So, kapan neh Mas rencana mau pulang kampung? ;D

Quint said...

Naughty you... homework for me?

[H][A][R][R][I][S] said...

Wa...... kok ada nyempiul nama gw?? Hahahahahha.....
I'll think about that:D

Prison Break? Untuk di ANTEVE juga ditayangin. Jadi ngerti dikit2 pilemnya:D

Sekarang lagi dengar Josh Groban juga loh....:D

Yo... cepat pulang gih. Keluarga menunggu....:P

Nona Nieke,, said...

wahaaaa... ternyata om Bakhrie ini suka warna ijo, pantesnya blognya ijo2 xD owya, aku juga stuju kalo ngeblog bisa ngilangin stress.. ;) ttg Amuntai, aku baru denger tuh, om.. owya, jgn lupa cepet balik ke Indo ya, om.. :D

btw, PRnya dah aku kerjain.. tp aku gak nge tag 8 org gpp ya, om.. Om baik deeehhh :D

Quint said...

Is this how we play?

1 - I'm not a country man for I have lived almost my whole life in a city. In Portugal and South Africa. Now, that I'm getting older, one of my secret wishes is to live on the country side, getting up in the morning and hear the birds sing. The other was visiting again South Africa... specialy Pretoria (Tswane, now) and visit places of my childhood.

2 - Stuck in a job that doesn't amuse me that much...

3 - Trying to learn how to relax more, not let stress take me over.

4 - feeling more and more curious about cooking and religion.

5 - Bloggig is a way to avoid stress (too) and reach out to know other people...

6 - Love all kinds of music... and feel happy that my 13 year twin daughters feel the same.

7 - Have lots of songs that make me shiver... but "My way" sang by Frank Sinatra is something.

8 - Sometimes I dream I will have enough money to let me retire to same tropical country. Wouldn't need much, just enough to live qith some confort.

w@hyu said...

hm, sekarang aku tau gimana caranya dapet duit banyak.. tinggal ke tempatnya Mas Bakhri, cari HP di kantor sebelah kiri atau di atas meja kecilnya.. setelah itu udah bisa ngambil duit melalui rekening plus PIN-nya.. kalo udah selesai HP-nya dijual juga.. dapet duit banyak kan?! :D

btw Hp-nya keren Mas.. makasih ya udah ngerjain PR-nya :)

mina said...

tidaaaak! aku di tag juga? *sigh*

@wahyu: aku heran bin gak ngerti, knapa ya blogmu itu gak bsia dibuka dari tempatku?

Mohammad Bakhriansyah said...

@Wahyu and Nilla: as soon as possible deh... mungkin Januari 2008. Kopdar........ sippppp!!!!!

@Quint: thank you for doing the homework

Mohammad Bakhriansyah said...

@Nieke: gray.. bukan green... hehehehe... jadinya salah tuh...

kurang dari 8 juga gapapa... paling dimarahin pak guru wahyu tuh... kan dia yang kasih aku PR...

@wahyu: hp yang mana? yang current sih masih kalah ama yang wannabe... hhehehe or

Mohammad Bakhriansyah said...

@Mina: tanyalah kepada rumput yang bergoyang... hahehhaha

Syam Jr said...

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