Thursday, October 11, 2007

The devil advocate

How are you?

I send you an invitation

Could i take you to Darling Harbour?
So i can drown you to the bottom of Cockle Bay

Could i take you to Central Station?
So i can push you to the railway and let the train hits you

Could i take you to Blue Mountain?
So i can push you from the hill through the clifts and let you down into valley

Could i take you to Uluru?
So i can let you ate by dingo

Could i cook something for you?
So i can use the knife to stab you

I am sick of you
Cause you are my biggest devil advocate.


quintarantino said...

Didn't quite catch that... you are sick of whoom?

Thank´s for you're comments. And yes, sometimes I can write some little poems. Nothing much.

If you want to join, ring a bell. We sure would like to have someone posting from Australia.

Eni said...

Are you OK...?????????

mina said...

jadi siapa si menyebalkan yang mau kau zalimi itu? bukan gua kaaaaan? -paranoid mode always on-