Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holy Journey

My friend went to holy land to do Umroh
My friend's mom and sis are going to there as well.
It is such an ancouragement for me..

God... please let me go there..
Once more...
I need to be there.. to tell YOU every single things
I have missed all those experiences...


Juminten said...

aku jg mau ke sana...
kapan yah? ikuuuuttt...! :(

quintarantino said...

Hello Bakh; I won´t to tell you how sorry I am for not visiting for such a long time now, but I haven´t forgoten you my friend, it's just that life sometimes keeps us busy ... and we sometimes are also a bit lazy :)

I hope you are well and having good vibes now that you are home.

I think that if you have faith, then nothing will stop you of going back to your Holy place! Meanwhile, keep looking in your heart as I know you always did.

Nice coming back.