Saturday, April 12, 2008

Please forgive me

Have you ever felt so depressed?
Have you ever felt guilty?

I have..

Today is the ultimate day

I hurt one's feeling
I just realize it
Sorry guys..
Please forgive me


Anonymous said...

Please remember it's never to late to say sorry.
And saying it only shows how great spirit we are.
And I truly believe you already did it.

Jeung Indie said...

I forgive you ... *lho kok gue ikut campur gini yak huehehe*

Sippp dah top dah .. Minta maaf itu kadang susah banget kan Bang .. Lha ngakuin salah aja susahnya minta ampyuuunnnn ... Makanya dirimyu top dahhhh ...

Semoga dimaafkan ... *senyum bijaksana*

try said...

gak apa2..kita hanya manusia biasa, yang gak luput dari dosa... ^.^

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Eni said...

Sometimes..there is no other way

We can not place all of our opinion equal for everyone

some people will get hurt
some happy..

so...jangan poligami ya B...
xi..xi..kok jadi error gini