Saturday, August 2, 2008

I really loved this workshop

I just attended a workshop at Ibis Hotel, Central Jakarta at the end of last month. I really enjoyed it. You know... even though when i accepted the invitation, it was written that the workshop would be held in 2 days. First day it would be until 5 pm, and the second day would be until 1 pm. But the fact, we could finish that workshop just in one day, or specificly in 4 hours. See..... at the afternoon, we just had the instructions about the revision of the tasks. It just took around an hour. So quick.... and done....

So to spend our time, we went to a supermall, Grand Indonesia. Looking for some books which was not related to workshop.

At the second, we began at 9 am. Nothing special, just a small briefing about revised tasks, when and where we had to collect it. Afternoon, i was back to my hometown. 

Free internet connection, free meal, free hotel room were perfect things to be enjoyed.... Next November we will attend another seminar related to this topic. Fingers cross........  That is why i really loved this workshop....

Pic was taken from here. 


marshmallow said...

wah, ternyata begitulah model workshop yang disukai babe.
hhh... kasian sponsornya.
*sok bijaksana*

suhadinet said...

What a "pleasant" workshop Sir!
heard like a vacation in the end of month.

ichanx said...

waduh... ngeliat peserta kayak gitu udah kebayang kayak masa2 kuliah aja... tidaaaakkk... heuheuheuue

Moh Bakhrian Syah said...

@melow: kasian ama siapa? HWS? serius nih... xixixiixx

@suhadinet: yup... seems to me like that

@ichanx: ya ngga gitu juga chanx... tapi seru