Wednesday, September 24, 2008



It will be a litle bit serious...
So.. if you are expecting an entertainment... just skip this and find other ones... ok?

My faculty has just been implementing a new curriculum, which is a competency based curriculum since this new batch. Problem based learning (PBL) is used as an approach in delivering the learning material.

Please dont think PBL interchangebly with other terms such as pengalaman belajar lapangan (field based learning).

However, implementing this curriculum is not that easy... many obstacles are being faced by students (and administrators off course). Finally, they suffer from stress, or even depression. For your information, even though this system has just been implemented since a month a go, one student have to stay at hospital. He is sick... but please do not think he suffers from a mental disorder.

I assume there are many reasons underlying these situations such as:

1. Students need times to adapt with new system. Even though when they were at senior high school, they also experienced competency based curriculum, learning materials were still delivered focusing in teachers. It means... students are just the object of learning, not the subject. I can not blame this problem to their teachers solely, since our students was not familiar with students centered learning. Based on my own experiences, since i was in elementary school, teachers fed me entirely. We were not given opportunities to be an active person in terms of determining and seeking learning objectives.

2. Study load at university are heavy. Instead of attending the lectures, they also have practicums, skills labs, and tutorials. Moreover, taking home assignments also takes not small amount of their precious times. 
Previous curriculum only demanded students to attend the first two. Fuihhh... so we can imagine their burden... (sorry to say...)

3. There are not conducive learning environments such as unskilled lecturers, instructurs, lack of funding, learning resources, etc

4. Other reasons that i can not name them....

As a conclusion... implementing this new system needs thight control from administrators and excutors... Wish us luck for the success...

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Lawstude said...

it is a bit serious but really a reflection of what goes on now. great post bakh.

by the way, you have my permission to use some of my photos. take care.

Eni said...

we are in the same boat...hiks

Today, I conduct research on new students perception on PBL, I hope this can give advantages both for students and lectures.

Mostly, for government who want to change this curriculum immediately, they have to be committed for this program.
Cause it needs a lot of work, people and also funding.

supadupalazy said...

Oh noo! serious matters!
I skipped this one..
la la laaa la.. (mumbling, browsing for the "other ones")

Bakhrian said...

@lawstude: indeed... much effort we have to spend to be success..

thank you for your permission

@eni: indeed... it is a classical issue among medical faculties..

@supadupalazy: good luck with your seeking... :)

Anonymous said...

so, what you're gonna do?

Bakhrian said...

@mave: why me? i think it is all our assignments... hehehhe

so instead of preparing our students for the next challenges.... we also have to change our mind set, attitude, and action against PBL..

what do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think we should prepare them more. We also have to listen to them. We, as the teachers, should try hard to be more discipline. We have to evaluate every single step we have taken, and not afraid to accept critics.
Gee.... that's a a lot of have'tos.

Moh Bakhrian Syah said...

@mave: Indeed... i agree with you... students should be prepared for every aspects, including some obstacles they faced, are facing and will face.

I do believe, listening their critics is a way to improve our system. Even sometimes, accepting critics is not easy... :)

For sure... there is a lot of do's.... sometimes it is frustating...

Marshmallow said...

namanya baru, adaptasinya pasti daunting banget.
tapi sekali udah tau triknya, malah bisa jadi pengalaman yang menyenangkan kan, be?
hmm... kampusku udah masuk tahun ketiga nih PBL.
gimana ya kabar mereka sekarang?

Anonymous said...

Oh well, here in Universitas Airlangga..PBL has already implemented since 2004..

and it goes well until now :)
theres always a first time for everything, but at the end of the day a better result can be expected.

Bakhrian said...

@marshmallow: masa adaptasi bisa singkat bisa juga lama... just wait and see saja lah...

@indra: great news from you..
wish one day my faculty could be like Airlangga...