Monday, October 13, 2008

Do you really care?

Laying here in the darkness
And hands as pillows
This frozen body is breathing deeply
But the brain is so busy
When all those words come across to my mind
Talking to myself in silence

“How are you? I am your old buddy”
“It has been a long time”
“It is such an ages”
“Do you still remember me?”
“How could you not contact me?”

I am just wondering
If we do care about others
Why do we have to wait for them contacting us?
Why don’t we initiate it?

My heart is whispering and then questioning…
Do you really care?

photo was taken from here.


Lawstude said...

wow. this is different. interesting.

Nurhaya said...

Hiks....jadi tertohok mendengar postingan ini setelah sekian lama gak pernah bertukar sapa.
Kalo gitu saya duluan deh yang greet Pak Dokter^_^

How're you going? It's been an ages though since the last time we met in front of my apartment,isn't it?!

Mumpung masih dalam suasana lebaran niy, Taqobbalallahu minna wa minkum, Maaf Lahir Bathin Pak Dokter.
Anyway, nomer indonya mana nih? Biar bisa kontek2an lagi. Kalo boleh dikirim ke email aya at yak.
Ditunggu lho^_^

mina said...

ada kaitannya dengan sms seseorang kemaren ya? hihihihi....

supadupalazy said...

Suit suiiittt ! (sok tau)
Belakangan ini Babe lagi romantis..

Laying here in the darkness >> lagi mati lampu ya Be? Di situ ada pemadaman listrik bergilir gak sih? (cari teman)

@Mina: kasih bocoran dong!

ichanx said...

kenapa ini? kenapa inih?? blast from the past? :P

Bakhrian said...

@lawstude: if you can get something from it... i am more than happy... :)

Bakhrian said...

@aya: welcome back miss.... i am glad to know that you are fine...

@mina: hahahaha.... 100% true... but it was just a trigger..

@supalazy: listrik mati? udah ngga lagi om.... kendari sering mati ya??? terakhir ada kebakaran besar di sana?.. ente aman kan? atau malah ente si penylut api? api asmara tapi... hehehehe

Bakhrian said...

@ichanx: blast from the past?.... iya nih.. memperingati 6 tahun bom bali 1... hiks...

Eni said...

Ingin menghubugi apa daya pulsa gak ada..itu kesimpulan puisi ini B?


Eni said...
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Anonymous said...

Is my dear friend in love?
Or just feeling lonely?

How are you, dear friend?
hope all is well woth you.

Marshmallow said...

i heard you were calling me.
what's up, buddy?
are you alright?
friendship lasts forever, be.
don't worry!

Bakhrian said...

@eni: bisa juga sih... berat diongkos.... xixixix

Bakhrian said...

@quint: feeling courious is the perfect term i guess... :)

@marshmellow: i dont get it bu.... my IQ can not accomodate you saying yet... :)

awi said...

yeak kenapa nggak kita yg mulai duluan, memberikan perhatian ke teman2, give and take, bukan take and give

Anonymous said...

dont wait, such first approach only exist in AXE commercial ads. unless you are james bond, make the first move! huehehe. .

Bakhrian said...

@awi: betul... kadang memang kita lebih berharap orang yang memulai... with many reasons..

@indra: james bond.... james bono kali ndra... heheheh