Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stick to the past

The black shirt has been dusty
The watch has run out the battery
The wallet has been out of time, and
The perfume is almost empty

But those are still here
Deep down in my heart
To be loved
Stick to my brain
To be remembered


superlazy said...

me! first! hahaaa (big grin)

Miss Sydney so much?
Why dont you go back there to pursue another degree? PhD perhaps?

Be, jam kuh yg keren ituh masih jalan.. soalnya "light" powered sih (pamer mode ON)

Marshmallow said...

yang seharga setengah bulan sangu itu yak?
begitulah orang kaya. huh!

babe, memory sticks longer that you could imagine, doesn't it?

superlazy said...

iya, setengah bulan sangu hasil dari nabung se-tahun...

Bakhrian said...

@superlazy: maunya sih begitu bos... sayangnya banyak yang harus diperhatikan dulu...

@marshmallow: i guess so... but sometimes.. i like it... xixixiix