Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ciao... Italia

The cover is filled with such pics with a vintage style, quite classy i guess.. It is written by Gama Harjono based on his own experiences during taking a language course, Italy of course. When i decided to buy this book, i had expectation. I imagined he writes his daily lives in there, how he interacts with foreigners, how he has culture shocks, how he deals with all those.

Indeed, he tells us how he copes with his Vietnamess roommate's throat cleaning behaviour and strange voices in the morning from his Italian roommate (check it out!!!). He also describes how to socialize with anyone from different roots including Italian' manner while having dinner. It is all interesting.

However, i notice weaknesses of this book. He showers us with a bunch of history lesson. Background of historic paintings, building, etc. I think it takes a third of this book. So once i think it is a history book. Please.... I am not learning history. I expected other story than a history.

He also completes this book with some pics. Unfortunately, most of them are black and white so we can't enjoy the pics entirely.

Photo was taken from here.


RoSa said...

wew...jadi penasaran sama ni coba hunting deh nanti :D

Eni said...

Well..beli jadinya B..??
kayanya referensinya "kecewa" ya..???

Gak jadi beli ah...

superlazy said...

A book about history of classic buildings?
(Im looking at my "arsitektur klasik eropa", one of my books that -not suprisingly- still in a super mint condition, despite of having it for years... hahaha)