Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ending of the Story

Have you ever lost someone whom you never have had?


Is it fake?
After we have been together since long time
Is it the ending of our love that i proud of to them?

I do not know where i have to hide my face

Now i should pass through my loneliness without you anymore
Let me stand here to face the time to forget you
Although my heart is hurted
I will survive


Tina said...

Halo mas, terimakasih ya sudah mampir. Kalo misal mau dibikinkan design, sekarang lagi bulan diskon sampai tgl. 31 Februari.. email aja.. hehe..

Thanks ya..


Waduh... 31 Februari??? berarti tidak akan pernah ada diskon dong?? hiks hiks hiks...