Friday, February 23, 2007


Since approximately 6 months ago i have lived in Sydney... I just realized that i had not registered my attendance in Sydney... Can you imagine??? 6 months??? what a careless man.. But the reason why it happened is i do not know about that kind stuff. I do not know that i should make a report to consulate general of Indonesian in Sydney. Thank you for Eni, Wayan and Rulli for telling me that.

At 01.00 pm, because i should provide some stuffs that i should get from somewhere at city, thus i should took at least 3 buses to go to 236-238 Maroubra road, Maroubra suburb where the consulate general is located. I started my journey from city road Camperdown. I took bus 370 to Botany Road, then bus 309/310 to Mascot Primary Shop and finally bus 400 to Maroubra junction (intersection Anzac Pde - Maroubra road). In my mind... i would take more than 1 hour to go there.

But when i was on the bus 370, i changed my mind... i though this bus could take me directly to Maroubra junction, so i just need this bus. In fact... when this bus brough me to UNSW (University of New South Wales), it took another street to Coogee beach... In a moment... i worried... but suddently... a good idea was crossed into my mind... Why did not i just follow this bus until the last stop... so i could reach Coogee beach... a beach where i never had been there before.

I just spent about one hour at there because i should go to the main destination which is consulate generale. I should take bus 370 from Coogee beach to front side of UNSW, and then bus 400 that brought me to Maroubra junction. I should take a walk from Maroubra junction to the office about 10 mins.

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