Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Look into My Eyes

LOOK INTO MY EYES….. What will you do if a man with skull head asks you that? Face his face directly with brave heart? Face it with shaky feet? Peeing? Running away? Or falling yourself to the ground?

If you are one of the characters in “GHOST RIDER” the movie, please do not look at Johny’s eyes when he is saying that words. If you do, then your body will be melt. That is the main lines that I remember about this movie. Actually I do not really like that kind movie which is based on characters in comic. My preference is a story line which is based on real life… or at least natural life..

Johny (Nicholas Cage) and his father are the acrobat men who use motorcycle for every their shows. One day when Johny wants to leave his father, because his girlfriend’s father will arrange marriage, he finds his father is dying due to lung cancer. It is a dilemma. Dying father or lovely girl? When he is in doubt… someone (a demon) comes to Johny and gives him a solution which is his father will be ok if Johny wants to sign a contract to destroy a demon’s enemy who is his own son. Thus Johny signs that contract by putting his blood on the paper… next morning his father looks very healthy as a horse, but when he performs a show… his motorcycle slips and he dies. Since that time, Johny continues the show by himself… off course by helping the demon’s power and finally he becomes a very famous showman. But as a consequence, in the night he changes to a ghost rider.

If you are looking for great story lines, please do not watch this movie. But if you are looking for spectacular special effect, or you try to remind your childhood when you read this comic or you want to know Spanyol guitar’s shape of Eva Mendes (Johny’s girl), please go to the cinema as soon as possible.

This movie tells us about the consequence of a promise and loyalty.


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