Sunday, February 18, 2007



I bet... almost everyone heard that word image manything over the moon, particularly they view on the students whom are sent by the government or non government organization to study abroad. In some cases... they are. People who get scholarship must be seen as high qualified individu. It is not completely wrong... although people who does not get it and studies in their own country does not mean they are less clever. It just about opportunities.

It is not what i want to describe now. I want to describe the scholarship in terms of finance. Many peoples believe, all of students who are gotten the scholarship will get high guarantee such as tuiton fee, research fee, books fee and living cost. During the course, people believe student can save a large number of their money and finally at the end of the course... people believe students can use it to buy everything. As a main point... scholarship is seen as a mean collecting money. Actually it depends on two things...
1. The students get a lot of money from their scholarship... or
2. The students use their money wisely... even they get litle amount of money.

Something that i believe... scholarship is not gotten easily.

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