Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lips, Mouth and Beard

We are demanded to have English skills very well when we study overseas. It is needed to understand the subjects in lectures. There are some obstacles that we, who do not speak English fluently, face. However, there are some methods that we can do to overcome the problems. One of them is taking English course whether overseas or in our own country. Wherever to take the course, I have some strategies that we can do to learn English quickly and easily.

For writing and reading skills
Understanding of grammar and tenses, having wide vocabulary are the important aspects in these skills. To enhance them, we should read much, particularly academic and text books, and try to write short description about it afterward.

For speaking and listening skills
Watching television programs that are delivered in English, listening to the English music, and speaking with native speakers are some methods that we can do to increase these skills. By those, we try to familiarize our ears with the words and pace when native speakers are talking.

However, I personally have had problems with these skills, especially listening skill. Native speakers in Australia, they tend to not open their mouth widely, thus i just hear humming and gargling. I can not catch the words. Then all I can do are keeping focus on what they are talking about and paying attention on his/her mouth or lips. Most time, it does works. At the other words, I can meet the understanding easier. But guys.... do you have any suggestions for me.... if my speaking partner has this spesific appearance which covers his mouth and lips.....? Please help me....


Harris said...

Waduh... sorry I can't help.
I can't speak english well.

Little- little I can, seh :P

Bakhrian syah said...

Kulo ora ngertos English... piyo yo Le????