Monday, March 12, 2007

Taller, Stronger, Better

The experiences in my life i expect will make me taller, stronger and better

I've met the darkness
Been held by the night
Lonely was there in my arms
I've been with broken
I've stared in her eyes
Emptiness left me this scar

But I heard your voice
Calling me out of the cold

And now I can live again
I have been chosen to run with the wind
I can go higher I know I will soar
I'm taller I'm stronger I'm better than before

I've walked through fire so I could become
All that you said I could be
And now my breath has a reason
My sky has a sun
Coz in you Ive found all that I need

Your touch revived me
It was your love that opened my eyes

I broke through the rain
Stuck through the storm
Now I know I remain
And I can do the impossible
I can reach the unreachable

Its my time
I will rise and live


tari mokui said...

the question is...
you refers to who? :D

btw pernah dengar gak..thn lalu kisah kakek usia 60-an (orang indo dah lama di jerman) yang balik ke indo cuman buat nyari tunangannya yang ditinggal sejak beliau 25-an. Biasa korban kakek ini setia banget lho ga mo nikah padhl udah pisah lama..ternyata si nenek dah punya cucu.. sempat di muat di lho...terharu...hikss..

wah jadi ngawur aku.. is not complicated. ada YM, SLI, SKYPE, VOIP, MSN, indonesian ekspresss dll.....manfaatkan...
so, tuh status di FS jgn dibikin complicated mulu.... :D
jgn sampe jadi doa lho...
sorry bro....Peace...:)

btw..this is "my song" juga......hiks...

Bakhrian syah said...

Refer to who ya??? ;)

I can't answer it... that is why i said complicated. I never hope it is a pray... but i just try to be honest for every single thing in my life. :)

Aya Nurdin said...

Lha emang sekarang lagi ngomongin apa tho? Kupikir kita bakal membicarakan penyanyinya, si mas Guy yang cakep itu, hihihihi....
Lagunya aya banget tuh^_^


WAAKAKAKAKKA.... selera kok sama gini ya..... ada apa gerangan???? hehehhe