Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Casual Worker

About 2 months after i arrived in Sydney... Catherine's friend which is Lucy... (Catherine is my friend who was studying at faculty of medicine to get master degree in medical education) texts me. She introduced herself as a student of faculty of language. Her teacher was asking her to find someone who could speak their original hometown language especially from Asia-Pasific region. Another condition is the language should never be learned by them beforehand. They studied Lombok, Toraja, Java, Bali, Minang languages, etc. Because they have never studied Banjar language, finally i am there as a native speaker.

Why do i agree to join this class? I have some reasons:
1. Undertake new experiences. When i was in high school and university to get my bachelor degree, i had never expericed being a part time worker and when i was watching a movie.... there was a boy/girl who has job during her/his study... I though it was cool... excellent... and educate us how to become independent person. So when i get this chance, there is no reason for me to waste it. This is my main reason.
2.Studying English and others' culture. I am in Syndey to study Medical Education, but because i have medicocare english skill, i should take English course beforehand. By joining the the Art and Media class, i think i will have big chances to improve my English skill as well as my knowledge about others' culture. In the class, i should interact with varying students according their gender, educational, social, and economic levels.
3. Money. I will earn money. I just have to attend the class once a week for 13 weeks and 3 hours for each meeting. It means i wont earn alot of money, but it is ok... cause it is not my priority. Australian government limits full time student in terms of work timing. We can work maximum 20 hours/week. If we work more than allowed time... the government will kick you back to your country. Very strick!!!!...

Becoming a part time worker is not a big issue among the students. They work at fast food restaurant such as McDonald, KFC, and Hungry Jack; at cafe, or even as a roadworker. Sometime after they graduate from high school, they do not enter the university immediately. They spend 1-2 years to get job in their own country or overseas.

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