Friday, October 19, 2007

Daughters of Arabia

Are you interested in domestic life in Saudi Arabia? may be you are better to read this book.

This is not a novel, but a biography of a princess of Saudi Arabia. Her name was Sultana and she had Kareem as her husband, and three childreen, namely, Abdullah, Maha, and Amani.

This book told us, how Sultana faced her life, how she dealt with some issues about her children such as Maha who had mental problems but finally she was well, and Amani who was an extrimist in religion, about her husband who intended to poligamy, etc.

I think a major issue in this book was about Sultana's action to gain gender equality in every aspects of life. But, you can also find some aspects of royal family that might will fold your forhead skin. How money can buy everyhting, even law and how forbidden behaviors can be accepted due to statues.

If you interested in the issues of poligamy, alcohol abuse, sexual harrasment, female circumcition, black magic, lesbianism, you can find in this book.

However, i am doubt some issues are still relevant at the current time since this 317 pages book was published in 1994. The author was Jean Sasson.

Identity was hiden, but the setting was true. Pic was taken from here.


quintarantino said...

I hope you don´t get angry with my Bakh but I think those guys in Saudi Arabia are a bit crazy.

As for your question on my photo that sea waves are in Espinho.

aroengbinang said...

things may happen again and again; they can happen in the same region or in other parts of the world, even though may not be exactly the same.

it's true that, many times, money can buy everything; but it's also true that money has no value at all in many other instances. everything has its own limits.

minal aidin wal faidzin..., maaf lahir batin bung. salam.

Bakhrian said...

@quint: i did not get angry, do not worry.. i accept all opinions

@aroengbinang: thank you visiting me again.... maaf lahir bathin juga....

[H][A][R][R][I][S] said...

Masya Allah......
Bukunya pasti bacaan berat.
Otak gw mana nyampe. hahahahah.......