Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Hijab

Does my head look big in this?
This book was telling us about the battle of a young girl (Amal) wearing a hijab (arabic) or head scarf (english), or jilbab (bahasa). Furthermore, this book described how she was struggling to keep wearing her hijab. As backgrounds, she was born in Melbourne, Oz. Since elementary school, she was studying at catholic school since there was no schools spesifically for muslim near by her home. Then she moved to famous private school. Her dad was a Palestenian born-surgeon and her mom was an Egypt-born dentist. I assume she was brough up in wealthy family.

For a teenager like Amal, it was not easy. Facing the unwritten regulation about clothes at her school, cynical perceptions from her peers, her community and her neighbour as well. And do not forget.. she was a teenager who surrounded by boys. How she rejected her feeling to have relationship with a boy even deep down in her heart, she also liked him (Adam). Fortunately, she had best buddies and parents who always supported her.

This book also arose issues how environments could influenced your beliefs and faiths.

If you are looking for another review (by amazon), you can jump into this website.
I think it was not easy to keep in your faith in a country with less belief in Islam.

Notes: The writter Randa Abdul Fatahwas an Australia born woman. She lives in Sydney and works as a lawyer. According to this book, she was writing her second book.
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yee said...

Aihh, cantik sekali gadis kecil ini.

Anonymous said...


quintarantino said...

Hum... Bakh, could you please enlighten me more about why the "hijab2 is so important for Islam?

[H][A][R][R][I][S] said...

Masya Allah...cantik banget tuh adek kecil.

Mau gw tuingguin gedenya, trus gw ajak merit. hehehehe....

[H][A][R][R][I][S] said...

Btw, emang susah yah klo mo pake jilbab di Ausie??

Katanya kan mo dibikin sekolah muslim di sono... tapi ditolak sama penduduk sana.

quintarantino said...

Bakh, chec this link man:

Bakhrian said...

basicly, for muslim, we should follow what have been stated in Holly Koran and Hadist (Hadist is every single action, intention those done by our last prophet Muhammad).
Hence, since wearing hijab is stated in, muslim women should wear it.

My understanding is: wearing a hijab, a loose and non transparant clothes can protect women from sexual harasmant and intention from others.

Please anyone who knows better about this... could you add more information for our buddy Quint.

And thank you quint for the link. I have checked it. It was amazing.... definitely...

Bakhrian said...


betul le.... rencana pembangunan sekolah muslim di Camden Sydney, NSW... ditentang penduduk sekitar lokasi.

Emang banyak tantangan hidup di negara yang majoritas bukan muslim.

awi said...

gambarnya cantik bgt, emang bener kalo lingkungan sekitar kita mempengaruhi tingkat kepercayaan dan keyakinan kita ttg sesuatu, apalagi tentang islam

adhini said...

uda baca bukunya blum mas?
di Indo ada ga yaa?pengen baca deh..

Anonymous said...

hye..hijab is there solely to protect women from harrasment from men....s u all know a lot of sick stuff goes on these women shud e encouraged to wear it..besides it is not right to have strage men ogling at u.
mashallah to all the women who wear jijab...and i mke duaa for tose who dnt.