Monday, November 19, 2007


Some of you I believe have known what sudoku is. This is a game which combines numbers (rarely alphabets) into a specific pattern. Commonly this game consists of 9 big squares and each big square has 3x3 small boxes. Some small boxes have been filled in with some numbers from 1 to 9 and we are assigned to fill the remaining boxes. The rule is no similar number filled into one big square, as well as for vertical and horizontal axis.

I have found this sort of game in the free MX newspaper published in Sydney (or all over Oz?). I am interested in this game since one of my buddies introduced me to it. First of all, I did not really like it because it span my head, blurred my eyes, folded my forehead, and even might throw out the contents of my stomach.

But, since my adrenalin rushed into my blood veins, and it seemed challenging me to conquer it… I try, and try, and try again…..

Finally, I can have overcome the beginner and player levels. Yes!!
My endorphin burst to its peak level. Now, I am still struggling with the advanced level. It is challenging and I keep trying to deal with it. I am sure one day I can.

Please try this at home if you have not done it.


awi said...

wah aku belum pernah nyoba permainan ini nih, nanti kalo ada waktu luang aku coba deh, thanks ya

yesa said...

Aku bisa cuma yang 4x4, itupun yang difficulty levelnya paling rendah. Sudoku, sounds like sodoko ya? a.k.a samara: ghost in film 'the ring'

- Nilla - said...

eh, kok kayak De ja vu, ya?
perasaan pernah baca postingan seorang Blogger ttg games ini! xD
tp tetep aja gitu aku kurang ngerti mainnya gimana! :|
ribet neh kayaknya... wekz... xP

quintarantino said...

Sometimes I try it, since the newspaper I buy brings one SUDOKU enigma each day. But sometimes I can´t manage doing anything out of it.

It was nice talking to you yesterday. Hope that when you go back, you'll keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

aku gak ngerti cara mainnya. sudah donlot banyak gamenya, tapi. cuma naruh-naruh angka, tak ada hitungannya?