Sunday, December 30, 2007

A miracle of 20th century

Wonderful profile of Husein Tabataba’i…

That is the title of the book telling us about a boy who has been memorizing the holly Koran since he was 5 year old. Moreover, he has interpreted very well all chapters in Koran. His name is Sayyid Muhammad Husein Tabataba’i who was born in Qom city, Iran on February 16th, 1991.

Because of his ability, he was granted a honouris causa doctor when he was 7 year old by Hijaz College Islamic University, Birmingham, United Kingdom. He was tested at 5 areas, namely memorizing and translating Koran to his mother language (Persian), explaining topics of verses of Koran, interpreting and explaining verses of Koran by using other verses in Koran, communicating to others by using verses of Koran, and using signs made by his hands to explain verses of Koran.

When his parents were asked how he could have that such kind ability, his parents believed that it was started since Husein had been in his mummy’s tummy. His mum read and memorized Koran. Later on, when he was a kid, he was exposed to Koran by his mother through attending many gathering events of memorizing and discussing Koran. For western society, I analogize this with listening classical music to pregnant women. People believe that it could increase baby’s intelligence.

Right now, at 16 year of his old, Husein is studying at hawzah (Islamic institute) for finishing his undergraduate degree.

Interestingly, using signs made by his hands in teaching and explaining verses of Koran has been adopted in an Islamic course in Bandung, Indonesia. A simple study has proven that this method could affect children’s behavior positively.

This book is completed with a VCD that shows his ability.


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Nona Nieke,, said...

Busettt dehhh,
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RoSa said...

Subhanallah...sungguh anak yang bisa mjadi penyelamat kedua orang tuanya di akhirat kelak...Insya Allah...


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