Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holiday in Bali (II)

3rd day in Bali, one of my friend who had just arrived from Sydney joined with us. He was our guide to go everywhere as he was Baliness. We went to some places:

1. Baliness warship monument
This monument was built to remember how Baliness was fighting against conquerors. Some miniatures showed those processes from ancient to modern times. From the top of this building, I can see the city since its tower was quite high.

2.Garuda Wastu Kencana (GWK) statues
These giant statues were built on the hill. So if we want to reach this area, we should step many stairs. There were two statues which were Garuda and Wisnu statues. Garuda (falcon) was a myth bird whereas Wisnu was a name of one of God in Hinduism (please correct me if I am wrong). These metal statues were covered by gold (?).

3.Dream land beach and Tanjung Benoa beach
Dream land beach is located close to GWK statues. Just around 15 minutes by car, we could reach this beach. This beach was really close to luxurious neighborhood. Since this beach was just known recently, it was quite clean and there were not many people over there. However, it was difficult to find restaurants and stores. FYI, this beach has been used by Michael Learn to Rock to make their music clip.

Tanjung Benoa beach is a perfect place for people who are looking for water sports, such as jet skiing, banana boating, diving, sky fish sport, and even parasailing. Unfortunately, when I was there, parasailing was forbidden because Global Warming summit was held close by. For safety reason that attraction was not allowed. If you do not like sport, you could have sunbathing since the beach is very clean and the sun shined beautifully.

4. Uluwatu temple
This temple is located on the top of the hill and we could see the sea from above. Another stuff that I interested in this place was I could find untied monkeys. They walked freely around people. However, we must be careful, because they could stole our stuffs such as glasses, hat, etc. Please do not put our hand in our pocket. They would attack us, because they assume we will give nuts to them literally. As we entered a holly place, short pants and mini skirt were forbidden. But do not worry, they provided sarung to cover our laps for free.

5. Jimbaran beach
This place was where we ended that day. We had dinner at Jimbaran beach. I assume you still remember this place since Bali bomb was happening at this place. If you like seafood, this place is where you should go.


quintarantino said...

Bakh old friend, that "doctor's box" of mine is only for dad's use...

I see you are taking you're time going back home... lucky you...

By the way, let me wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and that all of your dreams come true!

awi said...

happy new year di bali ya, asiknya, keindahan bali emang nggak ada duanya di dunia, selamat tahun baruan ya

Jeung Indie said...

May All Your Dreams Come True ya booo ...
Ehh lagi di bali yak .. hiks ngiri .. sebelll ... ngeces ... *ngais tanah*