Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back to reality

Since I have finished my study, my regular activity has been waiting for me at work place. I have to be back to my real life soon.

Goodbye study and leisure times in Sydney.
Goodbye vacation time in Bali…..

At third day I am in my hometown, I had to give a lecture. No one can give it because they were busy. Two days after consecutively I had to attend a small seminar in Banjarmasin and a workshop in Banjarbaru held by Medical Education Unit (MEU).

Eni and Wayan, you are so lucky since you have prolonged holiday at home.


Eni said...

Excuse me..??? Prolonged holiday..?

May be for teaching..yes...
but not for learning and thinking...

I have to finished my second postgrad mate..don't forget...

RoSa said...

okaeri nasai, onii-chan :D

raida said...

met taon baruuu..

taon baruan di bali pa bjb neh?