Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ode to my friends

Living and studying overseas have given me a lot of experiences. Laughing, smiling, and crying I had. New culture and life style I faced and I made new friendship. Friends made my life more colorful. During that period, I spent my time with them.

Here are some friends whom I spent my time a lot with them.

Wayan and Eni. They were my classmates when I was taking my degree. They also got same scholarship as mine. We shared time together whether studying and pleasure. I think they also have given me new perspectives what friendship was.

Actually, I still had another friend whom I spent times with. He was Ali who was studying at another major. However, since he was Enni’s unit mate, then I have known him. Most time Ali was get involved in our activity, especially pleasure times.

Just before I departed from Sydney, I have known Hemma. She was my junior colleague because she is taking the same degree as I took. From this woman, I have learned how to face someone from culturally differences. It was difficult...

Rashad Abdul Haiy, Husam Al Aradi, Mohammed Al Ghamdy, Faisal Al Sabaty, Muath Al Abdulgader, and Mohammad Athwairqi. If you look at their name, then you will know where they came from. Yes, they are Saudi Arabian. I met them when I was studying at Center for English Teaching. They were so nice, even though sometimes cultural differences made some misunderstandings. However, in general, they were so friendly and generous.

I have been missing you all.


quintarantino said...

You shouldn´t... they always walk with you in your heart.
Let me wish you a Merry Christmas...

Dave said...

Friends... What would we do without them! Have yourself a great Christmas! :-)