Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Surat Cinta Saiful Malook

Internet has greatly influenced our live. We can get a lot of information we need. We can make a friendship or even a romance, as Jasmeen does.

May be you are asking who Jasmeen is?
Jasmeen is the main character in this novel, Surat Cinta Saiful Malook (Letters of love from Saiful Malook). Jasmeen is an Indonesian and Saiful is a Pakistani. They know each other by chatting. Even though they live separately, by emailing, lettering, and chatting, their hearts are collided. They even promise to have a serious relationship as partners in love. It sounds so romantic for some.

As time goes by, their relationship is stopped suddenly. Saiful does not contact Jasmeen anymore. Many ways have been done by Jasmeen to find out what exactly happening to Saiful. Ultimately she asks Pakistan ambassador to find him, but the information does not satisfy her. Poor Jasmeen..

Until one day, after a long times, she goes to Peshawar, Pakistan to find out by herself. Finally she figures out that someone she loves has lost his mind since he has been experiencing so many remarkable disasters in his life.

I though this novel is written by a middle eastern’ author, but it is not. She is Indonesian, Risma Budiyani and this novel is based on her own story. Interestingly, a prolog is given by Pakistan ambassador for Indonesia.

I am thinking, does a web-based romance will last forever since we do not meet each other in the real life?


sky said...

wah saya ga mudeng mas :D
btw sekarang koq banyak ya cover" novel yg pake gambar 3D gitu.
bukannya lebih "mantap" pake photo asli...

adhini said...

jadi penasaran, judulnya menarik! =)
beli ahh!!hehe..