Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When nature gets angry

Why does it happen?
Do we do a lot of mistakes?
Do we still care to the nature?

But for sure,
There were four victims
Broken legs
Broken arms
Broken hearts

God, please forgive us.

Picture was taken after a thunder storm in Banjarbaru, Sunday night January 13th, 2008.


quin[tarantino] said...

Lovely thought, a scream of alert and a photo that show a lot without showing someone suffering!

retrospectext said...

Are you ok? Broken heart? Xixixi situ ya?

anna said...

yes, forgive us too... we have too much 'dosa'.. halah bahasanya nyampur.. :D

mina said...

curhat? ;p

Dave said...

As we all know... Man cannot and will not ever tame nature. Good phot to get the message across.