Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PH.... we were dissapointed

Last weekend, I and my colleague went to my neighbour city in order to visit our other friend since she had just got a surgery. It was not really far, just about 40 kms.

Since it was afternoon, we decided to have late lunch at a very popular pizza store in Indonesia (or world?).... We arrived at 3 pm. So you could feel how hungry we were.... moreover some of us did not have breakfast at all.  

Right we stepped in our feet to the store, the waiter approached and took us to the table. Took a little bit of time to decide what menus we wanted to... Finally
3 large meat lover pizzas (2 for dinning in, and 1 for taking away)
a bowl of chicken soup
2 bowl of fruit salads
1 bottle of mineral water
4  glasses of fruit punchs
1 glass of orange juice
1 glass of ice tea
and 1 glass of mocca shake... (FYI: we were six adults plus 2 children).
Firstly, we asked American lover pizzas, but she said those had been running out. Secondly we ordered meat lover pizzas with stuffed crushed, she said they had been running out either, but she offered us meat lover pizzas with chesse as topping. Finally we agreed with....

" Pizzas will be ready in 15 mins"... waitress said like ussual.
We had been waiting for more than 25 mins, but the pizzas had not been coming. Two times we asked the waiters, whether the same person who served us or other, but they always said... a minute...
I think about 30 mins, then a pan of pizza had come. When i tried to ask other pizza, my friend said... it would be served when we finished this one.... Ok... then i just shut my mouth. Since there were only 8 small slices for a pan of pizza, we just got one each... A small one.... 
The pan had been empty.. but the next pizza would not come.... When we asked it... the waiter said.... "we are very sorry, because we have no bread at all for meat lovers but they can change it to some other pizzas with the same price".  
Why they did not tell us from the beggining? So we can decide to find other places??? What a wasting time for us... Then we cancelled the rest of items. 
Since we were completely dissapointed... we decided to step out. I though our pain would be gone. But.... it was not enough. At the cashier.... she charged us for every single menu we ordered. After we complained... Everything finally was clear. 
We step out from PH with a half of empty stomach. Poor us...........
I took the pic from here.


marshmallow said...

moral of the story:
lain kali kalau laper banget, gak usah ke situ deh. kan emang lama banget serving-nya.
ke warung padang aja napa?
murah meriah, muntah juga saking kenyangnya...

*promosi lapau dunsanak ambo*
(artinya: promosi warung kerabat gue, orang minang. wakakakak...)

Bakhrian said...

murah? meriah? muntah? plus mencret ga? hahaha

jarang yang mau diajak ke rumah makan padang bu... masalahnya teman-temanku banyak yang ngga suka