Monday, October 6, 2008

Fulfillment of the spiritual needs

It is such a custom for Indonesians, just right before or after Eid Fitr, many Moslems go to graves. They pray to God for the dead bodies. Hopefully they are getting happiness in there. Instead of it, visiting graves such a reminders for people that our lives are not forever. Hence, we should plant the seeds of goodness to harvest it at the end. So, it is such of a fulfillment of the spiritual needs.

At the second day of Eid Fitr, I went to Kalampayan. Along come with my core family, we were visiting one of the well known Moslem leaders’ grave in Kalimantan, Syeikh Muhammad Arsyad Al-Banjari. Since we had predicted, many people would be there, we departed in the early morning. Indeed, we had proven the crowd. It was disturbing, but a large number of beggars were more annoying. A donation that should be given with sense of willingness lost its meaning. And for the local government, please pay more attention on the street to reach that area. Locating in remote area is not supposed to be difficult for the visitors meeting it. Bad (or worst?) condition of the streets creates difficulties, while we have known, people all around Kalimantan go to there frequently. Even though that place has 3 different streets to be accessed, we still should spend more than 45 minutes for 20-30 kms of distance. 

The second place we were visiting is another famous Moslem leader’s grave. He is known not only in Kalimantan but also in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Many bureaucrats from other cities who have formal assignment in Banjarmasin usually put their time to visit Kyai Haji Zaini Ghani (or Guru Ijai) in Sekumpul Martapura. I think, his charisma is still in the perfect position even though he has been died about 3 years ago. Visiting this grave was much more convenience than Kalampayans. Anything is seems well organized. There were not beggars at all, parking area is quite good and the place is so easy to meet.

Our last destination for that day was Bincau. It is not another grave yard but we went there for having lunch. After the fulfillment of the spiritual needs, we fulfilled the physical needs. 


Marshmallow said...

two spiritual needs and one physical need in a day!
you fulfill your spiritual need better, i guess.

hmm... saat hidup ingatlah mati.
banyak cara untuk melakukannya, ya?;)

superlazy said...

good deeds..
we are not immortal..
great lessons from you

(siap siap mengurangi hal hal duniawi.. insyaf mode ON)

Anonymous said...

I see you had a spiritual journey in search of the best of you.
Wish you a veru nice week, my friend!

anna said...

wahhh, ada acara makan2... ga ngajak2 neh

Moh Bakhrian Syah said...

@marshmallow: you are completely right

@supalazy: sedap.... akhirnya hidayah itu datang juga... xixixixi (lariiiiiiiiii........)

Moh Bakhrian Syah said...

@ferreira-pinto: thank you quint... since i do believe we do not last forever... we should plant goodness

@anna: ente juga makan-makan tuh... di PH pula.... kelasnya lebih tinggi lah daripada di Bincau... hehehe

mina said...

yang gak mau diajak siapa ya? ;p