Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Buenos Aires 1977

Argentina is setting for this movie based on true story. The story line is quite serious which is about politic. A goal keeper for a soccer team is kidnapped since he is suspected as an informan for the opponent but he is not. He and his friends endure months of torture and plots an escape.

It is all the story in this movie... how they survive and the escape from detention center. For your information, even this movie is quite interesting, we just can make a conclusion based on moving pictures. It is not used English language nor English as subtittle. 

Since it is categorised into R... strongly suggested for adult only. Full of nudity and coarse language and acting. This movie won Oscar for best foreign language movie. 


Aya Nurdin said...

R stand for what???
Aku kok lali yo? Padahal signnya suka muncul diacara-acara tV program Australia **thinking hardly**

Moh Bakhrian Syah said...

R itu artinya restricted bukan?

mina said...

aku pengen nonton ini tahun kemarin di jiffest :( tapi temen nontonnya nyebeliiiiin!
tahun ini nonton jiffest yukz.

supalazy said...

R stands for "Rated" kali..
Dah lama gak nyewa film nih
terakhir nonton laskar pelangi di bioskop..