Monday, November 3, 2008

IQ or EQ?

A couple of days ago, i just read a local news paper. My jaw was dropped as I was amazed by the article. I read about my friend when i was in early year in university. 

He has been just acknowledged as a dedicated health worker for local and national level. I think it was a prestigious acknowledgement. What a superb one. 

Why was i so shocked by him? May be it was crossing in your mind. All i know, when i was his classmate, he was an average guy in terms of intelegence. I just dont want to be rude to say he was little bit below than average. But know.... see.... He is success...

I try to find out what is underneath. Finally i have found it. It is about EQ.. or in sociological term, the experts name it as soft skills. It refers to the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, ability with language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that mark people to varying degrees.  Soft skills complement hard skills (part of a person's IQ), which are the technical requirements of a job. 

So... IQ is not solely factor for being success.. 

So guys... dont be upset if we just have an average IQ since we still have other weapon which is EQ. 

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indrapamungkas said...

of course, tapi jangan sampai dengan alasan EQ lebih penting dari IQ, maka kita tidak belajar (pendidikan formal)

justru, dalam proses pembentukan IQ itu, EQ kita semakin terasah.

mina said...

siapa sih, B?

Ferreira-Pinto said...

This is quite interesting and also true.

Of course I also know some guys that have no IQ or EQ and have sucess!
They are good licking the right shoes in the right time :)

Juminten said...

woooo... iya, mas.
banyak jg yg kayak gitu ya, mas.
padahal waktu sekolah kyknya biasa aja.
eh... ga taunya, bisa sesukses itu skrg. hahaha... :D
emang IQ bukan segalanya, seh.
cm sbg pendukung aja..

Bakhrian said...

@Indra: completely agree ndra

@mina: salah satu dari daftar flirtingan ente...xixixix

@nilla: betul nil... setuju

Bakhrian said...

@quint: YES... thats why they have longer tongue than others... xixixixix... but i do is not for this given case

mina said...

haaah? siapa siiih? *sms-kan deh* -daripada mati penasaran-

superlazy said...

EQ & IQ emang penting sih. Tapi untuk kasus tertentu, tetap butuh yang namanya Kolusi & Nepotisme. Hihihi.

Marshmallow said...

postingan babe suka penuh misteri banget deh, menimbulkan prasangka.
jangan-jangaaaann... menteri kesehatan?

(gak kok, bu siti fadilah, anda tokoh yang saya kagumi banget!)