Friday, December 26, 2008

Twilight the movie

This is one of the interesting movies i have ever seen this year. I dont want to talk about the story line since i do believe most of you have seen this. Indeed, for letting go this year with the all impression, watching this movie is one way to choose.

I made some notes to describe how this movie was so amazing for me.

1. Bella and James

She is the main role in this movie, instead of Edward the vampire. I like her face so much. I think her face is so innocent. She reminds me to Issabella Adjani and Isabella Rossellini (two major actresses during 80's period), even though they are not blonde like Bella (Kristen Stewart). 

However, I have a litle bit problem with another the cast, Edward (Robert Pattinson). I think Edward is better played by Cam Gigandet (James). He is cooler than Robert. Ok.. it is my personal opinion. No argument for this... ok? LOL  

2. The landscape.

Taking the film in Canada (?), we are given some beautiful natural scenes. I notice, the best one is when the vampire and his girl are on the top of tree, as we are them, we can see down.. it is so awesome. Beautiful lake and green trees are so perfect.

3. Vampire house

Since the vampire and his family live in modern era, they use some modern stuffs as well. My friend used to suggest me for reading the novel once. But i was not into that book. When she told me about the vampire, my imagination was flying to ancient era. Dark athmosphere, scary faces, spooky setting, and the castles. The fact, i find they live in a beautiful house located in a high altitute of forest. Surrounded by glass of wall, we can see how beautiful the forest from the top. Interestingly, eventhough it is not completed bed (since they dont need it) the vampire bedroom is decorated with a home theatre and CD audios. What a modern vampires... :)  

4. Special effect

I was amazed when vampire's family playing softball. Fantastic! No further comments for this. Just watch by yourselves and enjoy the moments. 


Marshmallow said...

katanya sih cerita aslinya di buku lebih menarik daripada filmnya. entahlah. sebulan lalu ada ulasan dan bincang dengan lead actress-nya di david letterman show, dan kayaknya aku tertarik buat beli novelnya aja.
lumayan, di basement cuman $5 kalau gak salah, be.

Bakhrian said...

temanku juga bilang begitu.. buku lebih asyik...
berhubung aku belum baca bukunya...
ya filmnya dulu di resensi.. KEREN!

Anonymous said...

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