Friday, January 30, 2009

Need to waste your time?

Need to waste your time literally? 
Just watch TUKUL and (BUKAN) EMPAT MATA….
I just can’t stand it any more. 
I just can’t get what kind tv program is that?

As a concept, I think it is not special
Many talk shows have those basic lines…………. a presenter, some guest stars, and music. Covered by silly of humor and a foolish presenter, this program (I guess) has been intent to get attention from the audience. 
Many people laughs…. I laugh too. 
But I laugh since I am sorry for TUKUL. He fools himself. 

OK… please tell me… what we can find from him?
High quality presenter? Sorry to say… NO
What else? I can’t even give him any credits.

I have been noticing He already has pattern in interviewing his guest stars…
When his guest star, mostly women, comes into the room…
He opens his arms and bends his body forward… acts as he need to give a hug and kisses.
For Julia Perez like guess star… his gesture will be accepted… then… kissing and hugging are there…
Then TUKUL acts ridiculously like a kid getting candy…  
But for anyone like ANGGUN…. She knows how to refuse it politely…. 
“That is great ANGGUN… I love it. Please don’t let him getting advantages from you”

Next… he will please his guest to sit and shakes hands. It is ok…. When he describes how sexy his guest by drawing in the air using his hand just like we describe Spanish guitar, audiences cheer him and clap for him. TUKUL is happy… sometimes he kisses his own hand after shaking his guest’s hands and holds them. He then pretends not realizing it. I can’t see it as an honor for the guest, but it is like a passion sexually. It is enough for me.. I am nausea 

By reading a question on a laptop placed on the table, he interviews the guest. One question, one answer, one ridiculous gesture, a tag line “back to the laptop”, laugh and applause from the audiences are the package. Many times, a guest has not completed her answer, he already moves to the next one. TUKUL… don’t you pay attention on your guest’s answer? Or don’t you realize she has not finished yet? Or you don’t know it? Or you are s****d? Seems the last one…  

For one hour entertainment…. 30 mins are for TUKUL fooling himself, 15 mins is for the commercial breaks and the rest for all guests. If his guests are 3, they just get 5 mins each. What a wasting time to be there..

Ya… I know… money can talk for TUKUL…  

pic is from here


Marshmallow said...

segitunya, be. sampe bisa hapal polanya. tapi bisa jadi bener, be. semakin lama jadi membosankan, ya? pola yang sama over and over again. awalnya mungkin lucu dan kreatif karena berbeda, mengingat acara ini menampilkan sisi sederhana seorang presenter, mewawancarai tamunya dengan keluguan.

nonetheless, enough is enough. too much laugh will kill you. only now "you" refers to the presenter's career, not the audience. hehe.

rina said...

kesampean juga yah pa ngeritik tukulnya :-)

superlazy said...

hahaha.. so you just had 50mins of your time wasted, congrat.
I don't really like slapstick Be & for me Sponge Bob & Square Pants is 100x funnier than TUKUL. (hhh.. never watch that cartoon lately)

Eni said...

@ ali : well ...emang global TV gak singgah di Kendari om?...masih sering neh nonton tuh kartun tak bermutu..xi.xi.xi.

mina said...

udaaaah, gak usah nonton tivi lagi ajah. makanya, pasang TV kabel dwong hihihihi, atau pasang speedy gih gih gih :p

Moh Bakhrian Syah said...

@ hemma: jadi ingat lagunya si Brain May... too much love will kill you... hahaha.. ngga nyambung ya?

@rina: puas sudah aku... xixixi

@ali: kartoon? tahunya sih karton.... hahahaa

Moh Bakhrian Syah said...

@eni: humasnya global tivi ya bu?

@mina: great ideas... lets try tomorrow.... xixixi

omen said...

emang udah ga rame lagi itu acara ...
*melihat di blogroll dengan kecewa*
kok Rohmantuan sih ?? kalo bisa dibalik kan jadi tambah lucu jadi tuanRohman wakakakakakak
(Dok nama saya Rohmantuah Trada Purba I1A008004)

Anonymous said...

seandainya sekali2 termehek2 ke Banjarmasin..
pasti bayk yang ketangkap..
dok, termeh2k tu ratingnya katanya tinggi loh...dibanding orang ketiga atau palyboy kabel
kalah tom and JErry..hehe

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