Monday, February 2, 2009

Now I know it is a fake

I have been noticing an interesting program named “Termehek-mehek”. It is a reality show intent to find missing persons. It was entertaining since we are showed how difficult to find missing ones. Sometimes, the ending is so surprising. For example, a client (someone who looks for the missing person), contacts “team” to find his girl friend. At the end, we were showed that he is a psycho who tries to find his father. He intent to take revenge since he believes his daddy took responsible on his mama’s death. We also finally found out that his girl friend is his sister. He used his sister to find his father since he lives separately.

At the beginning this show aired, I did believe it is a “real” reality show. I mean… all the cases were real. It was not created. Even when my friend told me her friend was asked to be their cast, I still believed it was a show based on reality. It was so convincing. Most times they were blurred antagonists’ faces and at the end they write down “this program has been approved by people participating in”.

But now I know it is a fake. Let me give you some reasons.
1. When the hosts are interviewed by others about whether this reality show is real or not, they don’t answer it explicitly. They said, they just give a perspective to others having same cases that they are not alone. It happens to others as well.
My suspiciousness is just begun.

2. When team met a sick informant, I could see she gets make up. To get pale effect, she is given a light silver lipstick.
One fake.

3. Since it is not real, it means team has to find an actor for playing a role. Sometimes, (I think they are not professional actor), they play roles exaggeratingly.
Another fake

4. Many times, the casts should fight each others when they are confronted. Once I saw, 3 girls fought and pulled their opponent’s hair. I can see they did not do it naturally.
More other fake.

5. Recently, I think the cases are very odd. For example, a father who wants to get marry to his step daughter, a psycho who wants to kills his father, etc.
Enough fake for me.

Hmmm…. Is it a public lie? Could we sue them? I think they will say
“sue my hand. We have never ever told the audience this is based on the real story”….

Now, I have been changing my mind. This reality show is not based on reality at all for me. But, for the sake of entertaining, I am still a fan of this show.

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omen said...

waw kayaknya pian lagi menjadi pengamat pertelevisian yah ??

tapi menurut ulun biar ja palsu asal menghibur dan tidak merugikan .. kan memamng gitu dunia entertainment

supalazy said...

Never seen this one.. except those aired by SCTV such as CLBK or Backstreet. Although I am not big a fan of them I can tell you that they have a good concept though. They may fake, but still better than SINETRON.. hahaha.

Eni said...

Yoi..better than sinetron lah B..., and I think that could happened in the real world too
Dont be so paranoid B... take it easy...!!

rina said...

see i told u pa.... :-)