Friday, July 24, 2009

Last days in Ambon

Today was like a holiday for me. We were picked at 10 am by Mr Frans, a nice driver and headed to the office. Just about 10 minutes we were there, the vice of dean invited us to meet the vice of rector at Pattimura University, district Poka. Earlier, we arranged to take ferry to be there since it would save times. However, when we were at port, the ferry had been full so we decided to go to Poka by taking car. There was 1 hour difference between taking a ferry and a car. It was ok for me since I could enjoy the trip very well.

We can’t meet the vice of rector when we just arrived there since he had been in a meeting as well. Since we did not want to waste our times, we were going around seeing the university. Taking pictures of course. Again, we still can find how bad the impacts of the chaos in 2003.

Meeting the vice of rector was not taking many times. It was only about 10 minutes. Just right after, we were looking lunch. Since we obsess of Papeda (Ambon authentic meal), Frans suggested for having it. Since I couldn’t have much (I still have problem of stomach), I just sipped some. Flooding by soupy chilly fish, it was tasty. My suggestion is don’t let you eat papeda solely. We should add that soupy chilly fish for making it yummy.

Our last destination was Pintu Kota (Gate of City). I was thinking it was not really far from the center of Ambon, but it took about 45 minutes. Pintu Kota is located at the end of eastern side of Ambon. Right to this area, we could see the free ocean. It is called Pintu Kota since the landscape is quite similar to the door. It happens naturally. I think it is caused by the erosion sea waves.

Right-left: FMIPA UNPATTI & Pintu Kota

Right before we moved back to city, a generous family offered us durian, a tasty and smelly fruit. Some said, Amboness durian is the best in Indonesia. Again, since I have to take care of my stomach, I just put any. My saliva was drooling heavily when I was looking at my friend having it.

Anyway, it was a happy day. Thanks to Bu Merry, Ocha, dr Djohan and Pa Frans for being great companions.


Marshmallow said...

edodoee... ada yang mau bunuh diri karena seng bole makan papeda dan durian karena diorang sakit perut toh. beta su pikir diorang mau bunu beta e... :D

Anonymous said...

gimana Be, rasa "lem sagu" nya?
hehehe duriannya dibungkus aja Be, ditenteng ke kabin pswt.

Anonymous said...

Huahahaha... I reckon that you,ve changed one pic in this post.

Marshmallow said...

soalnya diancam pake golok si babe, li. :P