Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend in Ambon…

After almost a week having some serious activities, weekend has come. Fortunately, it is a long weekend since Monday is a holiday as well. Honestly, we had no idea what we would do on weekend. We just wait and see.

Our host offered us a short trip nearby Ambon. It was begun at 11 am and the day was rain. If I am in my hometown, I preferred to stay at home and to keep under my bedcover sheet. What a warm place to go through the day.

Just taking about 30 minutes, we arrived at Sub District Waai. Along the way, we still find burned houses, mosques and church after the great chaos. I am so sorry for what was happening in Ambon.

In there I found the giant eels… they call it as Morea. When the eels are about 30 cms lengths, but for Morea, those are around more than 1 meter in lengths and 20 cms in widths … For indigenous people, they believe disaster would come when they eat Morea. So they keep Morea alive in the small artificial river. Interestingly, local people use the river for washing clothes, taking a bath, and taking water for drinking….

Those Morea are living in the clay under the paves. So, we have to snap our fingers to call them out. Right after, we feed them with eggs. They just need one sip… and all the egg has gone. You have to keep focus… if you are not.. you will miss that interesting moment…

It won’t take times in Waai, we moved back to Natsepa Beach. On the way to Waai, we passed this beach actually. Since we though having lunch and playing on beach would be our last agenda for that day… we put the beach as our last destination for the day.

Being there in a weekend was not a good idea for you who are not enjoying the crowd. Bunch of people was there, even the day was still rain… it wasn’t prevent anyone enjoying the beach.

Along the beach, we could find many kiosks where local people sell banana fries, boiled corn, rujak, soto, etc. I had banana fries. Don’t ask me the difference between I got here and my hometown. It’s completely similar but the size. Here is bigger. In contrast, when I had soto, Soto Banjar is more tasty than soto Ambon…

Amboness Rujak is interesting. It is fruit salad covered by peanut. Little bit different, but ok….

Pics are courtessy of my friend.


Marshmallow said...

hebat deh babe udah posting.
pisang goreng di medan jauh lebih legit, be, karena menggunakan pisang raja yang berstruktur lunak dan bergula alami. bila digoreng, gulanya keluar dan membentuk karamel di sekitar tepung gorengan. namanya "pisang goreng raja". kadang dinikmati bersama srikaya. yummy banget! makanya setelah nyoba satu di kampus kemarin, aku nggak tertarik lagi makan pisang goreng ambon. hehe...

superlazy said...

Pantainya gak kotor2 banget kok be... 11-12 lah sama bondi ;))

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