Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bunch of Problems?

Dude, what will you do if you have a lot of problems? Doing many activities to forget it, at least for a moment?
Hanging out with fellows?
Getting drunk? ups....
Or riding out....

If you ask it to John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H Marcy,they will answer you with riding their Harley Davidson to somewhere out there to forget their problems for a moment... no matter where is that. This is the main storyline of the movie"WILD HOGS". Wild hogs is a name of their gang. They have been friends since high school.

John Travolta gets bankrupt. He is left by his wife.
Tim Allen has problems with his son. He tries to involve in his son's activities, but because it is not his habbit, his son feels being distrubed by his father. He feels desperates.
Martin Lawrence, he is an unemployee... Thus his wife, who feeds the family, dominates him.
and William H Marcy has problem with his romantic life. He is geek.. and does not have girl friend.

John proposes an idea to take aride somewhere. And during this trip... we find a lot of funny stories. Mostly, it was slaptic comedy... but it was funny... very funny...particularly when they had to fight with the "real BIKER".
And I think William H Macy stold our attention because his acting was brilliant. In first 10 seconds of this movie... I laughed due to his acting. Prove it by yourself dude...

If you look for young and handsome guys HAHAHAHHA...forget it.... unless John Travolta (fingers cross...in this movie.. John was looked quite fat...) because almost 75% of this movie is dominated by these guys.However, Marissa Tomei as William H Macy's girl.. (finally....) and Jill Henessy (player of Jordan character in "Crossing Jordan" TV series) give fresh air for beautiful seekers. Hehehehee


Aya Nurdin said...

Ya elah, aktornya bapak2 semua hiks...., mana enak dijadikan referensi tuk cuci mata pas wiken. Kalo co siy enak, bisa ngeliat duo cantik itu, kalo kita yang ce?????


Hehehee.... jangan dilihat wajahnya Ya... lihat lucunya deh.... seru!!!!

retrospectsoul said...

Weeeeh gak ngajak-ngajak!
Ok deh bro! Putus tali silaturahmi!
Huehuehue peace man!

..btw yg nonton oke" gak? ;)

Bakhrian syah said...

Ups! Ok deh... lain kali kita ajak. Ada film bagus ntar... produk walt disney... film anak sih kayaknya... tapi banyak animasinya dan spesial effectnya .... (science fiction ga ya.....????hehehe)

Kalo yang nonton.... ga tahu ya.... ga ngeliatin sapa-sapa.. wong gelap gitu... di kanan adanya Mba Eni dan di kiri adanya Si Wayan... heheheh