Monday, March 5, 2007

How does my teachers' face look like?

E-learning... hmmm... it sounds great... interesting but the fact.. it is totally new for me... I never experienced this such teaching and learning method before i am studying here in Sydney University.. so that is why i still need more efforts to deal with it.

Briefly, i think it demands me to do everything independently. Almost there is no face to face meeting between teacher and students in teaching and learning processes. I just have to log in to my uni's email account, read all of the instructions, look for and read all reference's book. Even the assignments i should find and submit by it. If i do not understand about something... all i should do is contacting the teachers by email.

I am imaging now... how does my teachers' face look like???

Photo:Joseph Eze, a ten young Nigerian artist..."if you have no face would i still know you"


awi said...

sepertinya E-learning itu asik juga ya. jadi nggak perlu dateng ke kelas. thanks for sharing

Bakhrian syah said...

Itu salah satu alasan e-learning... tapi kita kan ga biasa Wi... jadinya masih gagap.. perlu perjuangan untuk adjust hehehehe