Thursday, March 1, 2007

Seems Lost in Sydney

Living in a new place.. demands us to adjust our life to a new situation. Sometime we can overcome the issues... but another time... we fail. We miss our families, our friends, our beloved one, or even our countries. This poem reflects a Saudi Arabian student's feeling when he was missing everything in his hometown. He wrote this to relieve his sadness, anger, loneliness, etc. He wrote it in Arabic.. because he said he can express his feeling naturally and deeper. I try to translate it to English version although I believe my translation is not as good as his original one. I am so sorry buddy....

The poem and picture are Faisal Al-sabati's courtesy.


tari mokui said...

Biar ga terlalu kangen indo, mendingan liburan winter, balik ke Indo. Perjelas apa2 yang masih ngambang trus ajak deh sekalian beloved one-nya ke Sydney. Hunter Valley di Newcastle ok lho...:D boleh juga main ke Brisbane. Paket honeymoon buanyakkkk tenan!!!
Tari tunggu kabar baiknya lho....:D

Bakhrian syah said...

Thanks ya Tar... aku anggap semua itu sebagai doa yang tulus dari teman baru... :)