Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Take a healthy moment (up date)

About early this month, i have posted some pictures competed in a photo competition. And now... i want to tell you the winner completely. The judges panel is 3 person and one of them is a photographer from a well known news.
Here they are...

The winner
(Robby Cahyadi, STMIK Banjarbaru)

1st runner up
A boy sees a bunch of garbage irronically (i have posted)

2nd runner up
(Renny Valentina D I, SMAN 1 Banjarbaru)

3rd runner up
(Khairil Anwar, STMIK Banjarmasin)

4th runner up
(Puteri Septia I, Poltekes Banjarmasin)

5th runner up
A man taking bath while having something (i have posted)


marshmallow said...

great pics, i reckon. if i were the judge, i must've found it difficult to decide which one to win. well, done, winners. congrate!

mave said...

hwaaa... punya koleksi fotonya semua gak?

superlazy said...

Hmm, I would chose 2nd runner up as the winner.

quinttarantino said...

I guess the jury had a hard task!

marshmallow said...

@quint: your pics are all great. too bad bakhri didn't invite you to the competition :P

ichanx said...

yang 3rd runner up padahal bagus banget tuh... :)

Bakhrian said...

@hemma, ali and ichanx: sometimes i have not agreed with others but... it was democracy.... was not it? :)

and about quint... if one day he is a medical sgtudent... then he can join in... :)

@mina: ada bu... tanya aja ama ida... dia yang simpan...

@quint: indeed quint...