Saturday, February 14, 2009

Memorable and unforgettable songs

Do you know the song “We will not go down” or Gaza?

Everybody should confess it is a superb song. Written and sung by Michael Heart, it was aired frequently during Israeli soldiers’ aggression to Palestinians, especially in Indonesia. Simple song, but hits our heart and kicks the ears. Accentuating with all bloody (literally) victims within the video, especially kids and women…. It makes us cursing Israel. Wish we can do more for them than just praying. 

I was surprised by the song writer. He is American and has been creating this lovely song for Palestinians. Don’t you think it is amazing regarding how close US to Israel and how (mostly) Americans hate middle eastern unreasonably? 

If you like this song too, you can download it for free and it is legal. Don’t worry…. 

This is the second evergreen song for me since “All the same” by Sick Puppies. Every time I listen these two songs my heart melts spontaneously. Thus, my mind wanders to the past and I hope I will not be back to present. 

Happy birthday on valentine day to you, my dearest friend. Like it is said… my spirit will never die.  

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Juminten said...

ada jg toh orang Amerika yg bikin lagu kayak gini?
hmmm... kirain... :P